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I’m a Soul Revealer.

I support you in exploring yourself, accepting and loving yourself and allowing yourself to be who you truly really are inside, unravelling those innate talents.

We explore your mind, your body & your Soul, learning to recognize their unique voices & create a profound loving collaboration with them.

I’m not the one doing magic, you are! I’m only showing you what has always been there, hidden inside of you, and embrace it, the good & the bad.

There’s no “improving yourself”, it’s just a revelation and embodiment of an existing, often dormant potential for happiness.

You can learn more about these services here.

I’m also an Authentic Marketing Strategist.

I help soulpreneurs turn their intuitive gifts into a business, generate hassle-free sales and connect with their soulmate clients.

15 years of experience in on & offline marketing, blogging, webdesign, communication & promotion gathered in a wide range of international companies (Louvre Museum, startups, advertising agencies…)

I support you all along your entrepreneurial journey to:

  • Discover the business ideas perfectly suited for you,
  • Create an authentic marketing strategy,
  • Welcome success & abundance,
  • Make you feel energized, hopeful & motivated every morning,
  • Define exactly what steps to take in order to achieve your life and business goals

I Can Help You


  • Help you understand, accept & love who you truly are.
  • Reveal your inner talents & connect you with what makes your heart sing!
  • Teach you how to reconnect with your Soul Wisdom
  • Release your fears & blocks
  • Bring you back to your state of natural self-confidence & faith
  • Help you access & read your Bliss Map
  • Share with you the tools and guidance to create a fulfilling life
  • Support you all along the way
  • Define your ideal customers and create amazing relationships with them
  • Design a brand you’re proud of
  • Imagine irresistible lead magnets & nurture your email list
  • Create soul-driven products & services that your customers will adore
  • Design a website and work on your social presence
  • Implement your conversion funnels for hassle-free sales
  • Level up your offers to create automatic revenues

If you want to know more about me, check my LinkedIn profile and recommendations!

I also have a specialization in music marketing and used to be a music & culture blogger (in french). 🙂

It’s time to unleash your potential.