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Housesitting & Petsitting – A Nomadic Life

(currently housesitting in Brittany, France)

Hey there,

I’m Audrey, originally from Paris (France), I have been living in New Zealand since 2015 and I am now relocating to France.

I have always loved going on adventures, exploring new surroundings & living differently.

In June 2017, I have decided to embark on a new chapter: downsize & adopt a nomadic lifestyle!

Since then, I go from housesits to housesits, looking after adorable pets & wonderful houses while their owners is away. 

Doing so has allowed me to meet amazing new people, save a lot of money on rent, explore the world and get to spend a lot of time with animals.

My work as a coach offers me the freedom to settle & work wherever I feel called to.

I only need a good Internet connection, somewhere to put my laptop and off I go!


Looking for someone to housesit/petsit for you?

Feel free to have a look at the wonderful testimonials I’ve received from my previous housesits & check out my availabilites below.

Looking forward to connecting with you,


Enjoy your break,

I got you covered!

5-star reviews

I’ve been housesitting/petsitting full-time since 2017 and have gathered dozens of wonderful recommendations from home/pet owners.

Reliable & Trustworthy

I’m responsible, reliable and compassionate.

Never been a party animal. I’d rather read a book, listen to Van Morrison or work on my business than dance all night!

Working From Home

As I’m working from home, I’m around pretty much all day (except for the regular visit to the library, walk with friends or errands) so I can provide your fur family plenty of company, cuddles and care.

I only need a stable & unlimited Internet connection (I coach my clients online) and a table/desk to put my laptop.

Tidy & Responsible

Finally, I’m very tidy. Because I work from home, I like things organised and clean as it helps declutter my mind and think clearly.

Otherwise, I’m a very chilled person and I’m always happy to help the owners as much as I can.

Audrey had been a great find. She feels like one of the family now.

Lockie loves her and we feel very comfortable is leaving our home and dog to her while we are away.

Audrey recently stayed in our home for 5 weeks.
We came back to a clean, tidy home and happy dog.

Its as if we were never away.
I will have Audrey back any time.

MichelleGlendowie, Auckland

Audrey was an excellent house sitter.

She communicated well and was very reliable, trustworthy and friendly.
The house was very well looked after and our dog loved her company.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a house or pet sitter.

SusanSt Heliers, Auckland

Audrey looked after our home and dog for 10 days whilst we were away.

We would highly recommend her as a house / pet sitter.

She provided us with updates and left the house extremely tidy.

ChristinePanmure, Auckland

Audrey was a delight to have housesitting.

I appreciated her consistent communication, enthusiasm, reliability, and general care for my animals and my home.

I don't find housesitting that easy ie having a stranger in my private home -however with Audrey I felt very relaxed and trusted her wholeheartedly.

Much appreciated thanks Audrey xx

For all these reasons and my experience of Audrey I endorse her as one of the best !!


You would not find a better house sitter than Audrey.

She was "simply the best", Audrey loved our pets and that was the most important thing for us.

We came home to very happy and healthy pets and the house was immaculate.

We would love Audrey to house sit for us again and highly recommend her to anyone else considering a house sitter.

JanSt Heliers, Auckland

Could not have asked for a better fit for our "kids" - a big German Shepherd and a tiny kitten.

Audrey fell in love with them and the feeling was mutual - in fact the GS was sad when she left.

The house was kept in pristine condition and Audrey continually kept us up to date with photos and emails.

She comes highly recommended by us and our animals. I would not hesitate to book Audrey again - as we have already.

MandyRoyal Oak, Auckland

Audrey is a quiet, kind and caring person who has a wonderful affinity with animals.

AlisonTitirangi, Auckland



Do you charge to housesit/petsit?

I don’t charge to housesit/petsit given that it’s an exchange of services between us. You allow me to stay at your house & use the facilities for free while you’re away while I care for your adorable pets & make sure that the house remains safe, clean & well-looked after.

I'm going away for only 1-2 nights. Can I book you?

Because I’m housesitting full-time, I tend to favor housesits that are longer than 1-2 weeks to avoid having to move in/out every few days.

As I’m self-employed, moving in/out more than once a week also makes working on my business difficult. 😉

I’m always happy to discuss this with you and find a solution that would benefit all of us so feel free to contact me! 🙂

I don’t have a maximum length of stay so any stay longer than 2 weeks is welcome!

Do you have experience housesitting/petsitting?

I’ve been housesitting/petsitting full-time since 2017.

In numbers…

  • 24 houses
  • 2-week+ stays on average
  • 26 cats
  • 12 dogs
  • 15 chicken
  • 12 sheep
  • 10 ducks
  • 9 tropical fish
  • 3 gooses
  • 3 ponies
  • 2 goats

On this page, you will also find the wonderful testimonials shared by some of the homeowners I’ve worked with. 🙂

Which areas do you cover?

As I’m travelling in Europe until November 2019, I’m open to any housesits in Western & Southern Europe during that timeframe (France, Switzerland, UK, Italy, Portugal, Spain)

I will be back in New Zealand in November 2019 so will be able to housesit in Auckland from then on, more precisely around Auckland Central, with a preference for the Grey Lynn, Ponsonby, Herne Bay, Orakei, Mission Bay areas as this is where most of my friends reside.

I’m also open to housesit outside of those areas, close to the sea when it feels right (a wonderful family with adorable pets & a gorgeous house… if this is you, let’s talk! Haha).

Feel free to contact me!

How can I book a housesit/petsit?

  1. First, check my calendar below to make sure I’m available for the period you’re away.
  2. Then, feel free to send me a message with the form below and to let me know a bit more about yourself, your fur family, your house, what you will need me to do while you’re away, etc…
  3. I’ll come back to you within 48 hours to set up a meeting (face-to-face in it’s in Auckland. Skype otherwise).
  4. After our meeting, we both decide if we’re a great fit and if so, we confirm the housesit/petsit for the period requested and any other periods in the future! 😉


What IS included in the housesitting service?

I take great care of your house as if it was mine while you’re away (with or without pets ;)) .

That includes:

  • Keeping the house safe, inhabited & clean
  • Collecting the mail
  • Watering the plants
  • Weeding & gardening (if needed)
  • Any other household routine you might need me to carry on during your absence

I’m very tidy, respectful & quiet.

I might have a friend over for a tea once in a while but I will NEVER host a party or anything of the sort.

What is NOT included in the housesitting?

Housesitting doesn’t include:

  • Looking after your kids, members of your family, guests, people in general
  • Sharing the house with other guests
  • Running your home business at your place
  • Professional cleaning services (I’ll keep your house tidy as it was but I’m not a professional cleaner ;D)
  • Paying for rent, power, water or Internet use
  • Paying for pets’ food, vet bills (Please organize yourself in advance to cover those costs: make an arrangement with your vet, leave some emergency money for these things)
  • Paying for your staff myself (gardener, house keeper, and other staff – this should be arranged prior to your departure directly with the staff or by leaving money for those specific purposes)
  • Paying for damages I’m not responsible for and that might occur during my stay, as a result of normal use and/or a preexisting poor condition (a dying washing machine, a pool leak, a falling tree, erosion, moist, etc… – please make sure your house is 100% safe before going away ;))

I will always pay for the things I might have damaged during my stay. Though that never happened before given as I’m extremely careful.

Any requirements to housesit?

To be able to accept a housesit, I’ll need:

  • A bedroom, a bathroom
  • A comfortable & quiet living space
  • Enough storage space to hang my clothes and store my possessions
  • A STABLE & UNLIMITED Internet connection (this is really important as I work from home)
  • A table/desk & chair to work
  • More generally, a cosy, tidy, 100% safe & « functioning » house. 😉

Please let me know if you have any security cameras installed inside/outside the house (for obvious privacy reasons, haha!)

If your kids/family are planning to come & go off the house while I’m housesitting, I’m afraid we won’t be a good match as I need some privacy & a relatively quiet environment to live in 😉


What kind of animals are you comfortable looking after?

I’ve cared for all sorts of pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, guinea pigs, ducks, gooses…

As I need to be able to work consistently throughout the day, I only petsit well-behaved, sweet-natured & toilet-trained pets.

I can also look after low-maintenance farm animals if needed.

I have 3 dogs & 2 cats. Could you look after them?

As a general rule, I prefer looking after 2 animals maximum to make sure I provide your fur babies all the care & cuddles they deserve while also being able to work on my online business throughout the day.

What IS included in the petsitting service?

I will love & look after your fur family as if it was mine!

That includes:

  • Providing your pets with care & company
  • Feeding them as you would
  • Going on walks or exercising as requested
  • Following your instructions
  • Making sure they’re healthy & bring them to the vet when needed
  • Sending you regular updates & photos of your pets (you decide if and how often!)
  • And lots of cuddles! 😉

What is NOT included in the petsitting service?

Unfortunately, petsitting doesn’t include:

  • Paying for your pets’ food, toys, accessories myself
  • Paying the vet, the groomer myself (payment must be arranged in advance or money should be left to use for those purposes before you go)
  • Paying for any damage caused by your pets 🙂
  • Looking after an additional pet not mentioned during the booking process
  • Following unreasonable pet instructions (ex: NEVER being able to leave the pets alone, share my own food with the pets, looking after your kids, fixing the house…)
  • Training your pets (they must already be well-behaved, house & toilet-trained)

Any other requirements for a petsitting?

We’re potentially a good match if your pets are:

  • House-trained/toilet-trained
  • Independent, allowing me to leave them alone for at least a few hours if I have a meeting or want to go to the movies.
  • Healthy, not requiring constant medical supervision or medication.
  • Relatively quiet (no continual barking, digging in the garden)
  • Sweet-natured (aggressive behaviour is no-no for me! ;))
  • Well-behaved on walks and with other dogs

Audrey was a delight to have as a house/pet sitter.

She came to meet us before we went away and instantly put us at ease.

Her communication is fantastic and she has a lovely caring nature.

We loved the updates and photos while we were away.
We came home to a beautifully clean and tidy house and a very happy cat.

We would not hesitate to use Audrey for future house sits.

Thanks again!

MeganRiverhead, Auckland

I can highly recommend Audrey as a house/pet sitter.
She looked after our house and cat for 3 weeks while we were away.

I found her to be very professional, responsible and a lovely person.

Upon first meeting Audrey I immediately felt that our house and our cat would be in good hands and I was proved right.

She was very easy to deal with throughout, responsive, sent us regular updates and we returned home to a spotless house and a glossy, healthy looking and happy cat.

I would love to book Audrey again next time we go away.

SalamPonsonby, Auckland

Audrey did a wonderful job looking after our cats and house while we were on holiday.

She was great at keeping in touch and letting us know everything was going well, even took the time to send us photos of our cats.
She left our house tidy, as we left it.

I would definitely recommend Audrey!

KimberlyCampbells Bay, Auckland

Audrey house-sat for us and looked after our cat for a couple of weeks and she was wonderful.

She was easy to deal with right from the start and left the house in perfect shape for our return.

The cat was healthy and well looked after and she was kind enough to send us photos and updates while we were away so we wouldn't worry.

Cannot recommend her enough.

HannahRothesay Bay, Auckland

Audrey took great care of our 3 cats (and our house!) while were away for 5 weeks.

She gave the cats plenty of attention and regularly sent us photos of them.
We returned to a tidy, well cared for house and 3 happy and relaxed cats.

MarcellaBayswater, Auckland

Audrey was fabulous- she is well experienced & well organised.

Communication was easy and we were kept updated about our dog.
Our home was left pristine.

I hope that Audrey would sit for us in future, so highly recommend her.

JenniferStanley Point, Auckland

Audrey as a truly professional and caring pet sitter.

We recently had a fabulous experience with Audrey looking after our beautiful fur babies while were were overseas for two weeks.

Audrey shared plenty of photos, kept us updated daily, ensured she got a thorough handover and the house was clean, tidy and well-kept when we returned.

Most importantly, our pets were all very well cared for (one needing regular eye drops which were well handled) and she ensured they were fed their individual diets, walked, and given plenty of love and attention - just as we would do.

When we returned, we noticed they were all calm and happy, which was testament to the fact that Audrey had looked after them wonderfully while we were gone.

We would recommend Audrey to anyone looking for a pet sitter.

She's very reliable and responsible a true professional and animal lover!

HayleePonsonby, Auckland

Audrey was a model house and dog sitter as well as being a delightful person.

She built up a very good rapport with our young energetic beagle, and the house was immaculate on our return.

She coped very well with one or 2 problems that arose and kept us well informed.

I would recommend her highly.

Nancye & ChristopherGlendowie, Auckland

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